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Nov. 10, 2005

For immediate release

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Arlington, Va. -- Veteran space shuttle commander William F. Readdy has established a consulting firm to provide strategic planning, risk management, safety and emerging technology solutions to aerospace and high-tech industries.

Readdy brings substantial program management expertise and a reputation for strong executive leadership to Discovery Partners International LLC. He founded the company in October 2005, following a distinguished 30-year career with the United States Navy and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Discovery Partners International LLC, headquartered in Arlington, Va., partners with clients from Fortune 500, mid-cap companies to small business, as well as government agencies to engineer strategies for leadership, operational and management improvement. More information about the consulting firm is available at

Readdy is a decorated naval aviator and a veteran of three space shuttle missions, including a 1996 flight to the Russian space station Mir.  He served most recently as NASA’s Associate Administrator for Space Operations, where he guided the space agency’s successful effort to return the shuttle to flight after the Columbia accident.

Readdy served as a Naval test pilot and instructor between carrier-based deployments to the North Atlantic, Caribbean and Mediterranean in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He joined the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 1986 while continuing his military service in the Naval Reserve, attaining the rank of Captain before retiring in 2000.

He was a research pilot at the Johnson Space Center in Houston when NASA tapped him for the astronaut corps in 1987. Over the next nine years, he logged more than 672 hours in space on three shuttle missions. He commanded his third flight, docking space shuttle Atlantis at the Russian space station Mir in 1996 and overseeing the first exchange of American astronaut researchers living aboard the Russian outpost.

Between shuttle missions, Readdy served NASA in a variety of key engineering support and management roles. One of his most important contributions was a five-month stint as director of NASA operations in Star City, Russia, where he implemented activities and fostered cooperation in the first, critical phase of the international space station partnership.

In 1998, Readdy was appointed as deputy associate administrator for space shuttle, space communications, and expendable launch vehicles based at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. Three years later, he was promoted to associate administrator for space operations, at which time he led a $6 billion-a-year enterprise comprising five major programs, four field installations and more than 40,000 civil servant and contractor employees.

Readdy chaired NASA’s Space Flight Leadership Council, overseeing the agency’s recovery from the February 2003 Columbia accident and the shuttle’s successful return to flight in July 2005. 

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